Script Token FormatEdit

The "tok" format describes a simple token-based / compressed format, where each line is prefixed with the string "\" , and suffixed with the string ".\" . In some cases, the prefix can contains upper-case characters that translate to various scripting commands.

Here is an example script in the tok format:

\#This is an example\.AABBCCL\hide\.L\look\.

The resulting script (as we would see it in a text editor) would be:

#This is an example
move n
move n
move ne
move ne
move e
move e
put hide
put look

This is the list of known character codes and the commands they map to:

Token Character Command
A "move n\n"
B "move ne\n"
C "move e\n"
D "move se\n"
E "move s\n"
F "move sw\n"
G "move w\n"
H "move nw\n"
I "move out\n"
J "move up\n"
K "move down\n"
L "put "