All scripts are usable with Warlock FE.

Offensive Edit

Combat.cmd Combat script

Survival Edit

Climb-Crossing.cmd Climbing script for crossing

Lore Edit

listen.cmd Very basic auto-listen script.

Magic Edit

Armor Edit

Travel Edit

Dir.cmd Automatically follows directions
Aesry.cmd Aesry travel script
Mriss.cmd M'riss travel script
Hib.cmd p5 travel script
Travel.cmd Main land travel script

Other Edit

BUY.cmd Auto-buy script with discounter and coin checker.
HERBS.cmd Herb script with many uses including self heal.
FAVORS.cmd Favor script for various towns. [Crossing, Haven, Aesry, Mriss]
MISC.cmd Script with various uses such as making bundling rope.

Gosubs Edit

EXP.wsl Adds %<skill>.exp, %<skill>.rank, and %<skill>.decimal variables for all non-guild specific skills.
RockStar.wsl Auto-humming gosub [gosub vocals start | gosub vocals stop]

Add a Script Edit

Script Template for adding a script

External Sources Edit

Elanthiapedia Good resource for scripts.
DRSecrets Abit out of date but the occasional gem.
DR Script Repository Probably the largest script resource.
Warlock Scripting Forum The forums scripting section.

Note: Not all scripts found on these websites are Warlock compatible.