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GETEXP <variable>Edit

Command: getexp <Exp to get> <variable>

Example: getexp "heavy edged" HEEXP

Value: - Return requested exp to variable as string

          HEEXP in above example would equal "Heavy Edged:476 34.37%:clear:(0/34)"
          Delimite string in some manner, colon, semi-colon?
          Force and or allow for multi word experience values as in "Heavy Edged"


SETPREF <setting> <value>Edit

Command: setpref <setting> <value> Example: setpref putwait on

Settings: - putwait - Waits before putting the second of consequtive puts. - storematch - Stores matches for matchre or match in %1, %2, %3, etc Value: - on - off


INCLUDE {script}Edit

Command: include <arguments> Example: include exp.cmd Source: Genie FE

The command INCLUDE will include another script and continue when that script has been finished. When label's conflict, the label within the same script as is being goto/call'd will be used. Otherwise the closest parent script label will be used.


exp.cmd: put exp %exp

main.cmd setvariable 1 mech include exp.cmd


Command: scriptpause <scriptname> Command: scriptunpause <scriptname> Command: scriptpause others Command: scriptpause all

This command would allow the pausing of a currently running script, to allow for interrupt-style scripts without having to reinit long or cumbersome scripts. This also allows for calling a pause function in a script instead of an exit in event of a temporary error.

The special cases 'others' and 'all' allow for an interrupt-style script to pause all other running scripts, or all scripts.


Command: scriptlist

This command simply outputs a list of the currently running scripts on that account, for use in programmatic manipulation.